Lead Studios has moved.

On the 31st August 2016 we finished our consultation phase and management voted to split Lead Studios into two seperate and individual companies under seperate ownership and management. This will better allow each to focus on its specific market and allow each to attain stronger results for it's customers.

The Irish Market is now Portable Design

Portable Design covers Cork and the whole of Ireland and some parts of Spain, offering web design, development and Pay Per Click (PPC) Management. The manager of PortableDesign is a registered Google Partner with their expertise in Google Adwords, making them an ideal company to manage both the conversion rate on your website, and getting the visitors onto your website.

The UK Market is now Demand 7 Internet Marketing

Demand 7 covers the whole of the UK and the southern regions of Spain. They offer tailor made packages of marketing, specialising in Local Business search engine optimisation and website design. Demand 7 offers a full package solution for a local business, first getting the website perfect, marketing the website, and tracking new custom using advanced tracking techniques such as tracking phone numbers.

LeadStudios Giving Back

Our giving back program which offered marketing and design help free of charge to non profits, good causes and community groups is being rebranded and will be managed by Adrian Duffy of PortableDesign - you can email him here if you have a non-profit project you would like to discuss.